Targeted Medical Ailment Lists

Self-reported medical lists for lead generation

Great for direct mail and telemarketing!

We Have the Medical Ailment Lists You Need:

We have over 30 different medical ailment lists available. Our medical lists will get you in touch with consumers who have responded to an online or direct mail survey stating that they or someone in their household suffers from a specific medical condition. These responders are waiting for more information from you on medical supplies, medical equipment, herbal supplements, medication, or prescription offers related to their ailment.

These medical lists work great for generating inbound ailment leads by using direct mail. Our ailment lists can be used by telemarketers to generate medical leads as well. If phone numbers are required with your medical list we will scrub the list against the National Do Not Call database for you prior to delivery.

If you do not want to go through the trouble of buying a medical list to generate your own medical leads using direct mail or telemarketing, no worries. Let us do all the work for you!

We can provide you with hot medical leads waiting to speak with you about your offer. We will ask them the right questions that you need answered to qualify them as a good medical lead. We will then inform the ailment sufferer that you will be contacting them soon to explain the details of the offer. All medical lead calls are recorded and provided to you for verification purposes. We can provide you with medical leads in both English and Spanish.

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